Equipment Remote Maintenance
Realize remote operation and maintenance of equipment distributed around the world

Device remote configuration

Device remote debugging

Equipment remote maintenance

Remote upload and download

Equipment remote monitoring

Preventive maintenance


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Demand context


With the development of Internet of Things technology and cloud platform technology, more and more users want to be able to remotely diagnose and maintain products sold or held through the Internet, which can reduce the time and cost of maintenance engineers to the site, not only It saves a lot of manpower and material costs, and at the same time, it can provide customers with more efficient and high-quality services and reduce customer losses. Therefore, remote diagnosis and remote maintenance have become urgent problems for equipment manufacturers.



Wutong Bolian's equipment remote operation and maintenance solution can assist equipment manufacturers and project operators to realize functions such as equipment remote management, remote diagnosis and remote upload and download of programs; at the same time, it can realize preventive maintenance and life cycle prediction through big data analysis and other advanced applications.
1. Build a safe pipeline leading to the field equipment to realize the maintenance work such as remote monitoring, debugging and program uploading and downloading of PLC.
2. Real-time monitoring, analysis and early warning of key indicators of equipment through the big data cloud platform can achieve preventive maintenance.
3. Centrally manage equipment scattered around the world through the data platform, and realize value-added services such as R&D innovation, business innovation, and after-sales innovation through data utilization.

Internet of Everything

Intelligent Collection

Edge Computing

Cloud Application

Schema topology


Programme benefits


Device remote configuration

Remote configuration of distributed devices

Device remote debugging

Build a remote data channel to remotely debug the device

Equipment remote maintenance

Combined with the equipment maintenance express line, remote maintenance is carried out

Remote upload and download programs

Realize PLC remote upload and download program

Equipment remote monitoring

Realize remote monitoring of equipment, real-time monitoring

Equipment preventive maintenance

Monitor and analyze key indicators of equipment, preventative maintenance, reduce operating costs and improve service quality

Application case


Realize the data visualization of factory
equipment network operation management and production line monitoring
and data interconnection of various information systems

Classic customers::

Smart factory production line equipment interconnection and monitoring project

Realize data acquisition, remote control and maintenance of on-site equipment
Realize the monitoring of real-time data, historical data and alarm data
Realize operation management of field equipment and visual monitoring of production line data

Application industry projects:
rural sewage monitoring, urban sewage monitoring, secondary water supply monitoring……

Industry project IoT monitoring platform construction

Build a safe and reliable maintenance channel
Realize remote operation and maintenance of equipment distributed around the world
Reduce operating costs and improve service quality

Application industry:
water treatment equipment, construction machinery equipment, industrial lubrication equipment……

Distributed equipment remote maintenance management system

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