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Wutong Bolian Equipment Remote Maintenance System is a software and hardware system that realizes remote maintenance and operation of distributed equipment. Configuration, remote diagnostics, remote debugging and remote upgrade procedures.

It is widely used in equipment manufacturers to realize remote maintenance and management of large-scale intelligent equipment (using PLC or other main control), such as construction machinery equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, sewage treatment equipment, solid waste treatment equipment and so on.

Remote configuration

Remote debugging

Remote upload and download

Remote maintenance

Remote monitoring

Preventive maintenance

Device remote configuration management

With equipment map display, equipment status statistics, equipment remote configuration, equipment remote management and other functions, it can realize remote operation and management of industrial equipment distributed around the world.

Device health status warning

The equipment operation and maintenance platform has the function of alarming equipment abnormality. You can check the alarm and health status of the equipment through the platform. At the same time, you can set up SMS, WeChat and email for alarm notification; engineers perform remote maintenance through work orders, and realize real-time operation and maintenance monitoring through the maintenance screen. .

Equipment maintenance channel establishment

Using the equipment maintenance express line of Wutong Bolian, after logging in through the account, finding the corresponding gateway to establish a maintenance channel, you can build a network port channel and a serial port channel leading to the equipment site, so that engineers can go to the site without traveling remotely. Realize remote maintenance anytime, anywhere.

One-click remote maintenance

After the channel is successfully established, engineers can remotely configure, diagnose, debug, upload and download programs remotely on their computers anytime, anywhere.

Schema topology


Platform advantage


Efficient, convenient and easy maintenance

Engineers can remotely go to on-site equipment anytime, anywhere, one-click quick maintenance, reduce the frequency of engineers' business trips, and improve work efficiency

Feature-rich and flexible networking

Supports various networking access methods such as 5G, 4G, WiFi, wired Ethernet, etc., supports remote maintenance of network ports and serial devices, and supports remote maintenance at home and abroad

Economic savings

There is no need to build a server, Wutong Bolian penetrates the cloud to provide you with uninterrupted services, reduce operation and maintenance costs, reduce customer losses, and improve service quality

Value innovation

Remote operation and management of on-site equipment and providing customers with various convenient and efficient services through big data analysis, promote enterprises to enhance innovation capabilities, improve R&D level, and develop markets



Buy WCONN Gateway

Open cloud platform

Remote maintenance with Device Express

Application industry


Engineering Plant

Water treatment

Textile Machine

Dyeing machinery

Drying equipment

Filling equipment

Painting equipment

Air compressor

Lubrication equipment

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