Industrial GateWay

Wutong Bolian · WG series industrial intelligent gateway is a high reliability industrial intelligent gateway that supports the collection of data of various industrial equipment such as PLC, instrument, water environmental protection, power equipment, CNC, and has protocol analysis and edge computing. It is the core edge node for building industrial Internet system.

Applicable industries:
Smart factory, equipment manufacturer, environmental protection monitoring, energy monitoring, smart city, smart agriculture, smart aquaculture, smart buildings, industrial automation

Equipment Network

Support 5G, 4G, WIFI, LORA, Ethernet access modes

Data Collection

Embedded industrial control protocol, supporting data collection of 10000+industrial equipment

Edge Computing

Support data filtering, alarm, jump, formula, local programming, etc

Remote Maintenance

Fully remote O&M manages onsite devices


Multiple guard dog design, support the connection after disconnection, a variety of networks backup each other

Safe and Reliable

Built-in firewall functions and various encryption schemes, to achieve all-round protection

Cloud Access

Access to various industrial Internet platforms and software systems

Development API

Provide rich data interface, support MQTT+JSON format

Product List

Wutong Bolian, help you open the road of industrial digitalization and intelligence

Sample Application