Industrial DTU

Wutong Bolian·WD Data Terminal mainly realizes the acquisition and control of digital DI, DO, analog AI, and AO of on-site industrial equipment, and realizes the functions of LORA local networking and 4G data cloud, so as to realize Data acquisition and control of field sensors, actuators, indicator lights, etc.

Applicable industries:

mining, oil well, water conservancy monitoring, intelligent agriculture, intelligent transportation, intelligent factory, industrial control, building monitoring, medical industry, hotel and other industries

Device networking

Support 4G, WIFI, LORA, Ethernet and serial networking

Data collection

Support analog and digital acquisition

Communication control

Support Modbus and MQTT protocols

Transparent transmission

Long-distance wireless data transparent transmission through LROA

Count function

Supports fast pulse counting

Safe and reliable

Built-in hardware and software multi-layer watchdog mechanism and disconnection reconnection mechanism

Cloud access

Realize remote wireless data monitoring with cloud platform through 4G

Develop API

Provide MQTT, JSON string development interface

Product List

Wutong Bolian, help you open the road of industrial digitalization and intelligence

Sample Application