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Wutong Bolian·The equipment remote access cloud platform is a fast access platform for real-time monitoring of distributed equipment data, which adopts SAAS cloud service mode to establish real-time online data channels for the interconnection of various industrial equipment data at the industrial site.

It is widely used in industrial configuration software and real-time monitoring of distributed field equipment, as well as convenient, high-capacity, high reliability and low-cost construction scenarios of data transmission channels such as point-to-point and point to multipoint communication of distributed equipment.

Project monitoring

Device interconnection

No public IP required

Fast and low cost access

Live online channel

Peer-to-peer communication

Platform-Operation big screen

Through the operation of the large screen, the statistical analysis of online equipment and online gateways is realized, the distribution of equipment and project maps is calculated, and the abnormal alarms of gateways, equipment and channels are monitored.

Platform - Project Management

Realize the management of real-time monitoring projects, including project name, serial number, operation status, person in charge, number of sites, number of equipment, online statistics, and project introduction for management; maintain the online channel of the project, and view the log of the project channel.

Platform - Site Administration

Through the directory tree, the site distribution of multiple projects can be visually viewed, and the online status of the site, gateway signal value, communication parameters, channel status, equipment assets and online status management can be realized.

Platform - Traffic Management

By managing traffic, problems can be effectively diagnosed, and traffic monitoring and planning can be performed at a lower cost for customers.

Platform - Rights Management

According to different employees and companies, permissions are managed through accounts and roles to achieve refined management and control of the management permissions of different employees' devices, sites and projects, and to achieve secure, multi-level, and flexible device operation management.

Device Access Express

The device access express line is used as the access node of the monitoring center, and has access rights to all sites of a single project. It is usually installed and run on the server computer of the monitoring center, and after binding related projects, it can be installed on the server through the configuration software. Or industrial control software to securely access all field devices of the project in real time.

Industrial Intelligent Gateway

The industrial intelligent gateway is installed on the remote site, and connects the equipment on the industrial site (such as PLC, instrumentation, sensors, machine tools and other equipment) through the network cable or serial cable, and provides network and channel services for the field equipment.

Schema topology


Platform advantage


High concurrent access

Support access to millions of different types of equipment, including PLC control, cameras, meters such as electricity meters, water meters, industrial control modules, sensors and other equipment.

low-cost rapid networking solution

No cloud applications need to be built independently, and no public network fixed IP is required;

Real time online data channel

The system has its own channel status monitoring and repair functions to achieve self recovery of channel abnormalities

Realize standardized access

Reduce the difficulty of configuration and operation and maintenance, and support multi-level permission control and status diagnosis of projects and sites



1. Purchase gateway products and open cloud platform accounts

2. Cloud configuration device access configuration and parameters

3. The link interworking between the monitoring center and each station can be realized by connecting the operation equipment to the express line

Application industry


Sewage monitoring

Environmental monitor

Hydrology monitoring

Energy monitoring

Charge pile monitoring

Intelligent heating

Smart city

Oil well mine

Steel and chemical

Industrial automation



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