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Huawei's expert team visited Wutong Bolian for research and guidance

From: WTBL IOT  

Time:2022-10-21 10:53:46 

Recently, a group of Huawei experts gathered from Huawei companies in Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Xiamen and other places visited Wutong Bolian for research and guidance. Liu Mingde, general manager of Wutong Bolian, warmly received the Huawei expert group.
Mr. Liu of Wutong Bolian led the Huawei expert group to visit the company's hardware and software products, and introduced the products and services of Wutong Bolian in detail.

Wutong Bolian Industrial Intelligent Gateway
Mr. Liu from Wutong Bolian gave Huawei experts a detailed introduction to WG583 ( PLC data acquisition gateway ), WG581 (electric meter water meter acquisition gateway), WG593 (integrated industrial gateway with LORA and IO acquisition control ), WG783 (5G edge computing) gateway ), WG793 (energy integrated gateway with 6 serial ports and IO ports) and other gateways' functional characteristics, application scenarios and embedded algorithm research and development positioning, and also introduces the IoT connection cloud access, maintenance cloud and configuration cloud and other industrial application APP application and research and development results. It also introduced the product applications and cases of Wutong
Bolian in the fields of smart factories, water environmental protection, energy, etc., as well as the company's future technology and market development direction .

The two parties also discussed how the edge computing function of the IoT Broadlink Industrial Intelligent Gateway and HUAWEI CLOUD's cloud computing and edge computing can empower customers in industrial intelligent manufacturing, the future industrial Internet in the application and development of platform algorithms and gateway algorithms, and Huawei's intelligent A discussion was held on how to combine the intelligent manufacturing industry algorithm with the industrial data collection of Wutong Bolian .

Under the influence of a new round of technological revolution, Wutong Bolian will further promote ecological construction and strategic cooperation, give full play to its own advantages, create greater value for industrial digital transformation in a more agile and innovative way, and help industrial enterprises to open up The road to digitalization and intelligence!



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